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Visionary, philanthropist, mogul and mother, Debra Antney is an inspiration to women around the world. Her ability to trendset and forecast the next best thing makes her an influential force in the entertainment industry. CEO of Mizay Music Group (formerly Mizay Entertainment), Antney builds superstars and creates household names, some of which have ultimately become global brands. Through relentless hard work and determination, she has positioned as major power player in a male dominated industry.


Growing up in Jamaica Queens, New York, Antney’s difficult yet family-oriented upbringing has certainly helped to shape her into the successful entrepreneur she is today. No stranger to hard work, the single mother of five worked a string of jobs to support her family. In search of new horizons and better opportunities, Antney and

her children moved to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, Antney landed a position with the Georgia Department of Family and Children's Services (DFCS). At DFCS, she coordinated community events and spearheaded a number of charitable causes.


Through her dedicated philanthropic efforts, Antney nurtured relationships with professionals and artists in the entertainment industry whom she bonded with through their mutual dedication to community outreach. Antney fostered close relationships with rappers Ludacris and David Banner, who addressed Antney as 'Ms. A'  – which would eventually become the name of Antney’s successful entertainment company, Mizay Music

Group. Particularly, Antney developed a familial bond with a local underground artist named Gucci Mane. With a strong belief in his potential and recognizing his talent, Antney was passionate about helping Gucci Mane succeed. The Antney family has always been integrated with dealings in the entertainment industry. With her music instincts, past experiences and powerful relationships, Antney combined her resources to open doors for Gucci Mane. With unwavering vision and persistence she left the comforts of job security and started on an unregrettable journey of entrepreneurship. With this leap of faith, she founded Mizay Music Group.


In addition to Gucci Mane, Antney went on to establish and accelerate the careers of Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman, French Montana and more. Past and present, Antney’s roster of artists have experienced hit records, sold out performances and their likeness splashed across every form of popular media.


Take a look at her lengthy list of accomplishments and you will see a snapshot on perseverance, intensity, inspiration and confidence. Nicki Minaj, who notably acknowledged Antney at the 2010 BET Awards where she snagged the best new artist honor, has become one of the biggest superstars of this generation. Debra Antney has remained at the helm of all the major movements of her clients' careers, whether cheering them on in success or supporting them through adversity.


From making numerous appearances on network television and national radio, to remaining an internet, tabloid and media sensation, Antney is known for her arbitrary no-nonsense approach. Always speaking candidly

about any topic, Antney is revered for her honesty and authenticity which has earned her the respect of the entertainment industry, her clients and her peers.


Always evolving, Antney continues to expand her entertainment empire into a global brand with the formation of

The Antney Group (T.A.G.), which houses Mizay Music Group, Be100! Radio and Almalot Media. Be100! Radio, a growingly popular internet radio station ( established for independent

artists, launched in 2013 and began trending throughout the world within just months of operation. Diversifying her business portfolio and projects, Antney has also transitioned into film and television through her multimedia production company Almalot Media, where she currently has various film, theater and television projects in development. Always remaining true to her musical foundation, Antney continues to impact the recording industry through her music imprint Mizay Music Group, distributed through Sony RED, and has delved into the world of country music with her impressive new group My Highway.


Whether through her philanthropic efforts or entrepreneurial endeavors, Debra Antney continues to build an impactful legacy dedicated to inspiring others and changing lives.






No R.I.P. (Reckless Internet Posting) is a movement founded by entertainment mogul Debra Antney. The movement was inspired by the untimely, and extremely unfortunate, passing of Deb's youngest son, Caodes "KayO" Scott.


Just after Christmas 2013, and right before the New Year, KayO took his own life. At 22 years old, the pressures of the world were too much for him to bare and he decided this was a place he no longer wanted to be. A weight that weighed heavily on KayO and his family were the evils of the internet and the reckless, thoughtless people who spread vicious rumors and fed into harmful gossip regarding his mother and other members of their family. Always with an amazing heart, KayO felt every aspect of his mother and family's pain. Carrying his own pains and personal hardships, in the end, it was all too much pain for someone with such a loving spirit to carry. 


Deb and her family have a tumultuous relationship with some blogs and media - many of which have sensationalized stories for the popularity of their sites. With disregard for the validity of these rumors, blogs and media have often posted recklessly about so many people's lives - without a care in the world about how these people and their families are adversely affected. Sometimes, these adverse affects are tragic and irreversable. Unfortunately for Deb and her family, this was the case. Determined to make sure the world hears her son's silenced voice; to encourage and stand up for those in similar positions, and to evoke change for the positive in the media and in the global online community, Deb was moved by her experience to make a difference.


In every test, there lies a testimony. Through all adversity, there is a lesson to be learned. And in cleaning up the mess around us, often times you'll find a message. For Deb, and those who identify with this cause, the testimony, the lesson and the message is simple: NO RECKLESS INTERNET POSTING. No R.I.P.


What It Means to Pledge No R.I.P.


  1. KayO never supported the saying "Rest in Peace" because he believed that people lived on in their spirits forever. Instead, he would say "Long Live" to whoever transitioned on. In loving memory of Caodes "KayO" Scott, the No R.I.P. movement will take on a life of its own and continue. No R.I.P.  #LLKayO

  2. When you gossip and spread rumors and recklessly post about people's lives, you are speaking death - killing their spirits, killing their reputations, killing their relationships, killing their hope and so much more. Stop speaking death. No R.I.P.

  3. We are afforded the rights of free speech, freedom of the press, etc. However, we also have a humane responsibility to each other. As media, we encourage all bloggers and other members of the media to take the No R.I.P. pledge and post responsibly on your site; report responsibly on your shows. As a community, care for one another. Be mindful that words do hurt and can cause damage. Focus on the positive, not the negative. Focus on the truth, and not the gossip and the rumors. Stop the reckless, hurtful and destructive gossip. Whether you are media or the general public, please post responsibly. No Reckless Internet Posting. No R.I.P.

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